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Returning to Ireland

Returning to Ireland project

Should I stay or should I go? 

It’s a big question. Emigrants thinking about returning to Ireland need to take into account many practical and emotional factors, and the decision can be a very difficult one.

In 2018-2019 the Claddagh Association developed the Returning to Ireland project to help Irish migrants in Australia answer this big, defining question.

Over the life of this project, we researched the information needed to make a successful transition from Australia to Ireland. We published a brochure of tips for making a successful return, held workshops, developed a PowerPoint presentation and collated links to other useful resources. Since the onset of COVID-19 we’ve also collected information about returning to Ireland during the pandemic. All this information is now available in the links below .

Here at the Claddagh Association we talked to people who want to return to Ireland, read the reports about barriers to returning, and investigated the practicalities of moving from Australia to Ireland.  We gathered all the most crucial information into our handy brochure – Returning to Ireland from Australia: Tips for a successful move. 

Over the life of the Returning to Ireland project Claddagh ran a number of seminars sharing the information we researched with individuals and families who were thinking of returning to Ireland. As each group asked us more questions we added more and more information to the presentation. For a comprehensive consideration of all the issues to be aware of when returning home to Ireland view our presentation here

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Claddagh has collected information about the new conditions for returning to Ireland. We have also produced a number of infographics about the most requested information topics, including applying for travel exemptions to leave Australia and return to Ireland as well as about organisations that can support you in a move back to Ireland during COVID-19. Learn more on our ‘Help during COVID-19’ page here

The Claddagh Association is one of a group of organisations that support Irish people who are deciding whether to go home to Ireland. We have collected these links so you can check out more information that might be useful to you.

Crosscare Migrant Project informaton sheet
Information about the new de facto preclearance process for entry to Ireland.

Home for Good
2017 report by Crosscare Migrant Project on the experiences of 400 recently returned Irish emigrants.

Indecon Economic Report
2018 report highlighting barriers to return and suggesting solutions.

Citizens Information
Citizens provides comprehensive information on public services and on the entitlements of citizens in Ireland. In August 2020 they added information to the website about returning to Ireland.

Crosscare Migrant Project
Crosscare Migrant Project are a Dublin based nonprofit funded by the Government of Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Emigrant Support Programme. They support intending and returning Irish emigrants with information and advocacy.

Global Irish
Global Irish, at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, helps Irish people and people of Irish descent maintain their connections to Ireland, through information and support.

Advice Northern Ireland
Advice Northern Ireland provides leadership and services to a network of 62 advice services across Northern Ireland. They can help you get in touch with the local advice service in the area where you intend to settle. Each advice service offers free, independent advice on issues such as housing, employment, benefits and debt.

Border People
The Border People is a resource provided by the Centre for Cross Border Studies to provide information to people who cross the border to live, work, study and retire.

Citizens Advice UK
Citizens Advice UK offer independent, impartial advice on any problem a person brings to them. Their website does not cover Northern Ireland but they do offer a list of independent advice services in Northern Ireland here.

nidirect is the official government website for Northern Ireland citizens. It aims to make it easier to access government information and services. There is no dedicated section for emigrants returning to Northern Ireland but you can use the search function to find specific information and services related to your return.

Irish Expats Returning to Ireland
Irish Expats Returning to Ireland is a private Facebook group set up for Irish people returning to Ireland from anywhere in the world.

Irish International Business Network
The Irish International Business Network is a network of Irish entrepreneurs and business professionals based all over the world. You can interact with others via the website. While there is no local group in Australia they do hold events in Dublin which might be useful for those returning to Ireland.

Ireland Move Club
The Ireland Move Club describes itself as a social community for movers to Ireland. You can register on their website to ask questions and share knowledge about moving back to Ireland.

The Irish Times Abroad Network
The Irish Times Abroad Network circulates a weekly email with the best stories from Irish Times Abroad, The Irish Times’ coverage about emigration and the Irish diaspora. It also gives members the option to participate in polls of interest to the Irish abroad and to contribute to Irish Times Abroad.

The Returning to Ireland project was funded by the Irish Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Emigrant Support Programme . We received a lot of helpful information and support from Crosscare Migrant Project who are based in Dublin. They work with Irish emigrants and people who have moved to Ireland.