CRISIS SUPPORT: +61 403 972 265 | ENQUIRIES: +61 8 9249 9213​

What We Do

Crisis Care and Support

We provide support and financial assistance to people experiencing hardship, including those who are sick and injured, bereaved, imprisoned and unemployed.

We receive referrals from the Irish Embassy in Canberra, the Honorary Consulate of Ireland, WA, family members and friends in Ireland and in Australia, welfare agencies and community support groups.

If you or someone you know from the Irish community in Western Australia is in need of help you can contact Claddagh directly for support by contacting the Claddagh office on 92499213/ or calling our crisis number on 0403972265. For more information on how we support members of the Irish community experiencing difficulties, please visit our support section.

Food vouchers and emergency funds

We provide a safety net for people who are struggling with basic food, transport and medical expenses.

Emotional and mental
health support

We support people to access services to improve their mental health and those escaping domestic violence.

Funeral and Repatriation

When a family member passes away we assist grieving families with the logistics of funerals and repatriation of bodies to Ireland.

Employment Support

We help people get back on their feet after periods of unemployment.

Support for Seniors

Recognising that advancing years can bring increased isolation, particularly for those who live far from their extended family, Claddagh offers dedicated support for the senior members of the Irish community in WA. For more information on this program, please visit our ‘Seniors’ section.

Senior Events

We provide opportunities to gather, socialise and enjoy an outing.

Care and Connection

We pair Claddagh seniors with dedicated volunteers to enjoy regular contact

Oral History Collection

We collect the stories of Claddagh seniors to provide meaningful connection and record the history of our Irish community in WA

Skills building

We deliver training in online platforms to enable connection and stave off social isolation

COVID-19 Support

Since COVID-19, our caseload has increased significantly as we support people who need assistance as a result of the global pandemic.

Visa and travel assistance

We help with logistics of travel and relocation back to Ireland when necessary.

Letters of Support

We vouch for you through the process of applying for a travel exemption.


We provide updates and general advice on the latest developments with COVID-19,

Emergency Financial Support

Our Covid-19 Emergency Fund provides a safety net for people experiencing urgent financial difficulty.

Promoting the Wellbeing of the Irish Community

We don’t just work with individuals in difficult circumstances. We are also committed to sharing our resources, expertise, facilities and programs with the wider Irish community. Our work empowers other Irish community groups to support our community, building resilience through connection.

  • We scan for emerging challenges, and proactively develop community level responses to address them. For example, our Mental Health First Aid training for Irish community group volunteers responded to a growing risk of issues arising from stress and isolation of Covid-19.
  • We provide information, workshops and training that fosters resilience in the Irish community.
  • We respond to the needs of the Irish community as they arise. For example, since COVID-19, we have been hosting free, quarterly visa clinics with a Registered Migration Agent giving advice on migration and visa issues, citizenship and travel exemptions. 
  • We link people to service providers in Ireland, the Honorary Consul in Perth and Irish Embassy in Canberra to smooth the transition between our two countries.
  • We collaborate with other Irish community groups to organise cultural and community events.