Honorary Members

The Claddagh Association Inc has been fortunate to have some very committed and hardworking committee members since our Inception.

Along with those committee members we have had some very dedicated members of the community.

We wanted to acknowledge their commitment and efforts by way of Honorary Membership.

We thank the following Honorary Members for their contributions to The Claddagh Association.


Tom Kearns                                         

Kath Kearns

Sinead Doherty                                 

Billy Ross

Samantha Melia                               

Arlene Doherty

Sean Doherty                                    

Aisling Ellingham Kelly

Brian Corr                                         

Bill Atkinson

Peter McKenna                               

Chris McKenna

Fred Rea                                            

Carl Holmes

Marie McGearty Holmes            

Tony Kelly

Sabrina Doherty                            

Mary Kelly          

Joan Ross